Business Retention and Expansion

An overwhelming majority of new sector employment and investment is created by existing businesses expanding. Despite this, why are business retention and expansion (BRE) programs often underutilized or overlooked. In a post-pandemic world, BRE has never been more critical and we’re here to help.

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BRE Program Development

Cultivating strong relationships with existing businesses continues to be a pillar of economic development, but those relationships are evolving. The pandemic made clear how we reach businesses, how frequently, and on what topics needs to adapt. Ady Advantage can help you advance in this new business environment.

  • Evaluation and recommendations of existing BRE programs.
  • Development of performance matrices to identify priority companies.
  • Assessment of BRE surveys, software programs, and reporting.
  • Augmented staffing to conduct BRE calls.

Business Consulting

We partner with economic development organizations to elevate your relationship and offerings to high-value, high-opportunity industrial companies. Businesses come to us because they want to do more than merely survive. We bring research chops and expertise to help identify market opportunities, competitive openings, and product ideas. Then we take the research a step further and develop a clear path to pursue these opportunities.


    Growth and Diversification Strategies

    Our clients come to us because they want to grow and diversify. To identify market opportunities, competitive openings, and new product ideas, we bring research chops and more and then help you pursue these opportunities through business planning.

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    New Market Identification

    We bring 30 years of experience in specialized business to business market research. Combined with our talented staff and over 30 subscription databases, we can provide in-depth primary and secondary research to uncover and assess opportunities for growth.


    Product Development

    Your customers and stakeholders become ours as well. We research their needs and your niche to develop and test new product ideas. Our past successes include new technologies for production equipment, as well as traditional consumer and industrial products.


    Marketing Planning

     Whether you know it or not, you have a “marketing plan” right now.  You are spending money on trade show booths, samples, travel to prospects, and conference attendance. We help align your goals and resources with measurable tactics so you make the most of your marketing investments.

    The wrong decision can set a company back for a long time, or even threaten its existence. Companies that use site selection firms are at a distinct advantage to those who go it alone.

    Location Services

    • Site Location Strategies: As a result of growth and diversification, many of our clients look to expand to new territories and/or acquire other businesses with their own set of real estate assets. We help determine the optimal locations for your manufacturing, office, research and distribution functions throughout the United States, as well as negotiate incentives on your behalf.
    • Supply Chain Strategies: Every product line has a discrete set of interlocking supply chains that enable that product to be created at max efficiencies. Supply chain optimization is a key factor in realizing full growth potential for a company, and deficiencies within the supply chain can be a key constraint or barrier to company growth. Ady Advantage creates strategies for your company to optimize its supply chains.



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