Diagnose & Measure

You can’t know where you’re going if you don’t know where you are now. The first step is determining the baseline of where your economy is now, and how you iwll track its progress going forward. Economic dashboards, impact analysis, pulse surverys- these are tools to help your community stay ahead of the curve.


Business retention, expansion, and recruitment are the “holy trio” of business development. We can help you identify or reprioritize target industries to adjust for economic trends and disruptions, as well as assist your existing companies in pivoting to new products and/or markets.


Talent retention, development and recruitment is now equal in weight to business development for most communities. We can help your community determine what talent segments you will focus on and what programs you will use for retaining, retraining and recruiting talent. 


Ultimately it comes down to having a plan. Ady Advantage can help educate your stakeholders and elected officials on the principles of economic development. We can evaluate your community, identify key issues, and develop an immediate-term plan of action. Finally, we can lead your community through the process of developing a full ED strategic Plan.


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BRE Takes a Front Seat

BRE Takes a Front Seat

Business retention and expansion (BRE) has never been more critical.  One of the first things economic development organizations (EDO) did when COVID-19 hit was reach out to their existing businesses.  This was the most direct and efficient way to understand the...

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