Strategic Consulting

This is the frontier of the uncommon and unexplored – in essence, these are our custom solutions. Some examples include the feasibility of a rail-served industrial park, a fresh approach to developing talent strategies, and the identification of new incentives policies that factor in trends such as productivity based on automation.

Market Research

If you want to get somewhere, you have to start with where you are at! Our market research toolbox includes asset mapping, target industry analyses, labor market assessments, supply chain analyses, and much more. We modify the standard tools to meet the specific needs of your region and your goals.

Branding and Marketing

It’s no longer enough to say that your place is a great place to live, work and play! You need to know more – specifically about what types of people and industries would place the greatest value on your area’s particular mix of assets (see market research), how to communicate with them about your place, and how to reach them.

Speaking Engagements

Ady Advantage principals directly reach thousands of economic development professionals each year through our speaking, teaching, and training engagements across North America. Whether you need a keynote speaker, or more long-term training, we bring a broad menu of topics that we can customize for you in a practical yet engaging style.


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