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Your Marketing Road Map to Success

How you allocate your marketing resources – both your time and money – can make the difference between a successful and not-so-successful EDO.

We bring the deepest knowledge of economic development marketing, along with both analytical research and an award-winning implementation experience. An original Ady Advantage marketing plan is fresh thinking backed by real-world results.

Your marketing plan is all about choices: who to target, how to reach them, and what messages to use. We’re your choice for economic development marketing.

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Pitch Packets

Once a prospect arrives, what materials do you need to market your community and sites? Ady Advantage can put together the packet for you, including business cases tailored to each prospect. We can also coach you on how to lead the meetings and site visits for the best outcomes.

Website/Marketing Communications Audit

Before you invest a lot of time and money in your new website, have our team of experienced experts take a look. We’ve analyzed over 200 economic development websites and can provide succinct, actionable input. We can expand that to a complete marketing audit, including social media, inbound marketing, and other marketing tactics, to ensure that you are directing your marketing resources in the best way to meet your goals.

Website and Digital Strategy

We are experts in how site selectors and relocating talent evaluate locations. This includes what information needs to be included on your website and how it needs to be organized. Because of our expertise, no two websites we design ever have the same navigation.  Your region is unique; your website should be, too.

Marketing Campaigns (Business and Talent)

Whether electronic, physical, or a combination, we have the creative chops to deliver your message to hard-to-reach audiences. A campaign to reach a site selector will look different from one aimed to attract talent to your community, and we have the tools and techniques to reach your unique audiences.


Digital Direct Marketing Campaigns

For communities whose goals require a focus on digital marketing, Ady Advantage has you covered. Email, social media, digital advertising, and websites; we can integrate them all for a comprehensive and targeted campaign to deliver your message to your desired audiences.

Marketing Plans

Our marketing plans are detailed blueprints of exactly who you should be reaching, with what messages, and how. We include timelines, budgets, and flight schedules. Marketing plans are frequently a component of our economic development strategic plans.

Branding/Creative Platform

A brand is not just a logo. A brand should be what you want people to think about you when you’re not there. We’ll help you articulate this through our in-depth branding process that uncovers your unique story, brand platform, and graphic standards.

Talent Campaign Audits

Your plan is in place, but is it achieving your goals? We understand it takes more than a pretty picture or an attractive advertisement to attract a quality workforce. Our team understands talent recruitment and the best practices to be successful. Backed by decades of industry experience and our proprietary research, we take a critical eye to your campaign components so that your return on investment is high. 

Regional Profiles and Target Industry Sheets

Regional profiles and target industry sheets are important pieces of your marketing collateral. They serve as core content to also be used on your website and in direct marketing to prospect businesses. They communicate the value proposition of your community or region to both internal stakeholders and existing businesses as well as prospective businesses who may be considering you for relocation or expansion. 


Lead Generation

Once we’ve zeroed in on more specific targets, we take it to the next level by orchestrating a lead generation campaign designed to bring company prospects into your region. This service is often bundled with pitch packets.

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