Market Research

The Truth is Out There

Effective marketing is based on solid insights that come from research designed, fielded, and analyzed by seasoned experts. We have a wealth of experience leading marketing research initiatives, from surveys and focus groups to one-on-one interviews, syndicated research, and other innovative tools and techniques. Our goal is to find the truth and use that truth to create a foundation for all the work that follows.

Research is the bridge that gets you from where you are now to your new website or brand or marketing campaign.

Industrial Site Identification & Feasibility

In the world of economic development, your sites and buildings are your product. Without product to market, there is little point in engaging in business recruitment efforts. That’s why having a continuous process of identifying potential sites is so important to the long-term success of business attraction efforts. Ady Advantage can help you with the industrial site identification and feasibility process and help to prioritize your sites based off your target industries and overarching strategy for economic development.



Community Profiles

A community profile provides an overview of key economic, demographic and social data points on your community or region. It often contains information from publicly available secondary research sources, and as such it can provide a preview into how site selectors or prospective companies looking to relocate or expand will likely view your community or region.

Site Readiness Review

We have a saying at Ady Advantage – “Dirt is not a site!” As a firm that offers site selection consulting services, we understand what companies are looking for in a site. Our team is experienced in assessing the readiness of your sites, identifying potential deficiencies or fatal flaws. We can help you prioritize your sites and match them to your target industry opportunities.

Target Industry Analysis

The competitive nature of economic development marketing today means you can no longer try to be all things to all people. This is the old “if you build it, they will come” model. Today, EDOs need to focus on specific industries and sectors that are the best fit for their areas, as well as specific industries that complement the existing talent base of their area. We are constantly enhancing our target industry analyses with new data and perspectives that help communities be more resilient in the face of major economic disruptions and which help them identify competing regions and target companies. Our proven process identifies target industries while also fostering stakeholder support. Target industry analyses are often components of an economic development strategic plan.

Industry Trends and Disruptors

Knowing your target industries is a crucial step towards successful business attraction and recruitment efforts. But it doesn’t end there, because macro forces are always in motion within each industry, changing the specific needs of those industries and altering the business case that will best appeal to them. We can help you identify industry trends and disruptors, keeping your community ahead of the curve and competitive in your recruitment efforts.

Economic Dashboard

There is no point in implementing strategies if you have no way of tracking or measuring their impact. We know how important it is for communities to have a way to measure their success over time, both to understand what is working and what isn’t as well as to show results that keep investment and buy-in from partners to keep strategies funded and operational. That’s why we develop economic dashboards for our clients that allow them to track the progress of their economic development strategic plans. 



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