Markets Served

Utility Economic Development

We work with investor-owned, public power, and rural electric cooperative utility economic developers interested in helping grow and diversify their service territories. When a community prospers, the utility provider prospers. It’s a win-win for everyone.   




Economic development organizations come in all shapes and sizes, and we work with them all. Public, private and P3 (public-private partnerships) organizations, we have experience working with any type of EDO interested in stabilizing, diversifying and growing their economies. These include municipal and county economic developers; local, regional, and state EDCs; and everything in between.

National, State and Regional Economic Development Associations

Communities on the ground look to regional, state and national economic development associations as partners and resources. We work with economic development associations at all levels to provide speaking engagements, workshops, and research and educational thought leadership to ensure that they continue to stay abreast of economic development trends and can help to support the communities they serve.

Our firm’s experience in the economic development industry is extensive.


Ady Advantage has focused on helping its EDO and manufacturer clients develop sound talent strategies to address employee recruitment, retention and engagement issues. Our second book was the Talent Toolbox, and we’ve since expanded to offering a Talent Strategy platform to help EDOs wade through all the noise to develop programs that work. Learn more about our Talent Strategy Program.


One way of growing and diversifying your economy is by finding appropriate re-uses for industrial brownfield sites. Ady Advantage has helped successfully repurpose and market numerous such sites which take advantage of our research, site readiness, and marketing skills.


Ady Advantage has worked with numerous clients serving the defense industry and has conducted work on behalf of the Department of Defense and Office of Economic Adjustment on related topics.


We’ve worked with over 100 agribusiness companies in the past 10 years alone, and apply our understanding of this market to our EDOs who are trying to recruit agribusiness companies. We’ve presented on this topic to numerous ED associations and regions, and have published numerous articles on the topic as well.

Rural Economic Development

We have always had a special place in our heart for rural economic development. The first book we published was the Rural Economic Development Toolbox, and we still dedicate a large focus of our practice to rural ED issues. We understand the unique challenges that less populated areas present, and have been successful in bringing solutions to this subsegment of the ED world.

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