Talent Solutions

A Holistic Approach to Talent Attraction

The competition for high-quality, skilled workers is at a fever pitch. The desires, mobility and size of the workforce in the US changed rapidly since the start of 2020. Developing strategies that attract people to your community will make companies looking to expand or relocate take notice of your region. At Ady Advantage, we always start with research and data analysis. We’ve development a Talent Strategies program based on over 300 talent initiatives from around the county. We use this research to inform the approach that addresses the unique obstacles and assets of the regions you serve. 

Talented, skilled workers have options. How will you stand out in the crowd? 

Talent Strategies

Are your employers having trouble recruiting and retaining talent?  We’ve developed the Ady Advantage Talent Strategies program based on over 300 talent initiatives from around the country.  This evidence-based perspective provides data and tools for identifying the most important strategies for you to pursue, and best practices to consider when developing programs for your region.  The result is that all the background research we’ve already conducted can provide a jump-start to the development of a customized talent strategy plan designed uniquely for your region.

Talent Assessment

Many of us are familiar with the concept of an “economic base,” those industries that make up the foundation of economic activity in a region. A similar framework can be utilized to understand the “talent base” of a community as well. Our talent assessment will help you understand the foundation of workforce activity in your community, including factors such as the programming and talent development pipeline, the vulnerability of occupations to automation, the likelihood workers would and could work from home, and related measures.  

    Talent Campaign Audits

    Your plan is in place, but is it achieving your goals? We understand it takes more than a pretty picture or an attractive advertisement to attract a quality workforce. Our team understands talent recruitment and the best practices to be successful. Backed by decades of industry experience and our proprietary research, we take a critical eye to your campaign components so that your return on investment is high. 

    Talent Recruitment

    Talent is arguably the most important driver to a company’s decision about where to relocate or expand. In fact, in many situations, talent is leading businesses to a community rather than the other way around.  We can help you identify talent clusters to recruit, as well as the strategy and marketing implementation to attract and capture them.



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