Remember the good old days? When recruiting talent meant a nice tagline and a flashy campaign showing lots of smiling people at the local fair? When simply having head of household jobs was enough? The “build it and they will come” days are long gone in this post-pandemic era. Truth be told, they were gone long before. Talent recruitment today is increasingly nuanced.

Recruiting Talent_People

You need a talent strategy that:

  1. Articulates the exact segments you want to recruit (the “market”),
  2. Is concise and compelling creative that explains why they should move to your place (the “message”), and
  3. Provides direction on where to deliver the message (the “media”).

Like any successful marketer, recruiter, or matchmaker, you must know what you’re looking for in a match. After defining the audience, you need to communicate with them with the message and in the manner with which they will most strongly connect.

For example, it’s not always about schools or housing—some seek a welcoming place in which they can quickly acclimate and find a sense of belonging. Others connect with community amenities like outdoor recreation or entertainment options. Creating campaigns and content that speak to the target audience(s) and provide clear paths to action is crucial to success.

Start with Data

At Ady Advantage, our approach always starts with research and data analysis. Talent recruitment efforts should be rooted in a solid, even predictive understanding of the occupational needs of both current businesses and target industries.

We’ve taken it a step further and now offer a target audiences analysis to help you zero in on the specific audiences on which you should focus your recruitment efforts. We also offer Talent Assessments to help you understand the foundation of workforce activity in your community.

Take a Holistic Approach

Beyond a solid understanding of your region’s talent current state and needs, it’s crucial to take a holistic approach. This includes analyzing housing and other potential barriers to relocation and assessing any current initiatives that might help mitigate deficiencies. But attracting people takes more than just addressing obstacles. It also means promoting the special things about your community that draw people in!

It’s likely that our assessments will identify some gaps in either talent programming or communications. We can help address both. On the talent programming side, we maintain a proprietary database of talent initiatives from across the country that we use to inform our recommendations to you.

Our evidence-based approach and experience provides data and tools for identifying the most important strategies for you to pursue, and best practices to consider when developing programs for your region.

Get Creative

While many of us at Ady Advantage are data nerds, our creative team members are experts at converting the rich information we cultivate into amazing creative strategies. We build campaigns and strategies that play matchmaker, marrying the community’s needs with the prospects’ desires.

Of course, you may be well on your way and have existing talent campaigns, but do you know if they are achieving your goals? Our team conducts Talent Campaign Audits that give you a new perspective backed by decades of industry experience and our proprietary research to help ensure your campaign ROI is high.

The competition for high-quality talent is at a fever pitch. Now is the time to ensure you are reaching the audiences that keep your region in motion.

We’d love to talk talent recruitment, retention and economic development strategic planning that positions your region for success. Let’s connect!